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Music Lessons of Indianapolis

Thank you for considering Music Lessons of Indianapolis as a provider of music lessons for you or your child. We would be honored for you to join us. We are considered one of the best places for music lessons in Indianapolis. Mike Middleton was named among the best guitar teachers in Indianapolis by

We have a great staff of piano, drum and guitar teachers here who are not only confident that they can provide great lessons, they are confident that they can provide lessons that are enjoyable.

Our guitar teaching staff has the ability to teach a variety of music. Whether you would like to learn classical guitar, country, blues or rock, we have a teacher for every genre.

We are proud to offer classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and mandolin!

Guitar Lessons

Beginning guitar students will first learn a little about the instrument, they'll learn the names of the strings, note names on the first 3 frets, how to read guitar tab, how to play a few melodies and chords. Later students will learn some of their favorite songs. We want students to learn the instrument, learn about music, but we also want them to have fun by learning some of their favorite songs.

Piano Lessons

Our piano teaching staff doesn't just teach the standard method. They want to make lessons fun for both adults and children. Our teachers might go into some of the Disney catalog or teach some popular music that the student would like to learn, they will teach popular music that students enjoy listening to or even teach you how to rock out.

Our teachers want to learn about the students and help them to become the pianist that they want to be. They want to help students master the fundamentals, but as with all out teachers on all instruments, they would love to help them to learn the songs that they want to learn.

Drum Lessons

Our drum staff will start off by getting the student familiar with the drum set. They teach a few beats, teach some rudiments and some stick work and a little about counting beats and reading music. But just like with our other instruments, we know that it's important to play songs that students think are fun and want to play. We strive to please the students and give them the kind of lessons that will help them the most.

Please contact us to schedule your music lesson. We are excited to get started and can't wait to meet you!

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