My First Guitar Lesson in 1981

I was a fan of popular music since the age of 9. My brother who occupied the adjacent room played music constantly so I was very familiar with all of his favorite records by that age. A few of my favorites that he played were Fragile by Yes, Toys in the Attic by Aerosmith, The White Album by The Beatles and Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa. My dad was a huge music fan also. He had an area in the living room where he played records. He often played The Monkees first album, Johnny Cash, the collaborative efforts of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson and an LP called Anything Goes by Harpers Bizarre. I had a few of my own records that were previously owned by my sister, my brother or my dad. They we

The First Lesson I Taught at The Noisemaker Music Store.

This probably isn't going to be an interesting story but it will be a wordy one. I still remember the day that I gave my first guitar lesson at the Noisemaker in Wabash, Indiana. The year was 2003. In mid November word was going around the Wabash Plain Dealer, a newspaper where I worked, that a new music store was opening in town. I was delighted and surprised. I had been playing guitar since 1981, had been in a number of bands and had some teaching experience. I was excited. During my lunch break I walked down the street to speak with the owner Terry LeMaster. I already knew Terry. I had met him about 14 years earlier. A band that I was in recorded in his home studio. I also knew him from

Welcome Casey Ruble, Drum and Preschool Music Instructor to Music Lessons of Indianapolis

Casey Ruble, Drum and Preschool Music Instructor - Casey teaches preschoolers 3-5 and drum students ages 5-12. Casey’s first instrument was the piano, having studied at the Jordan School of Music at Butler University at the age of 14. After watching Karen Carpenter play drums and percussion on television, Casey gave up piano to pursue drum lessons but was told that “girls don’t play drums.” However, her dreams of playing drums never left her, and she finally pursued that dream later in life. Today, Casey is an advocate for female drummers. She is co-founder of Women on the Edge, a group of female drummers from around the world known for their YouTube drum covers of songs in different genr

Music Lessons of Indianapolis - Our Lessons

Thank you for considering Music Lessons of Indianapolis as a provider of music lessons for you or your child. We would be honored for you to join us. We are considered one of the best places for music lessons in Indianapolis. Mike Middleton was named among the best guitar teachers in Indianapolis by We have a great staff of piano, drum and guitar teachers here who are not only confident that they can provide great lessons, they are confident that they can provide lessons that are enjoyable. Our guitar teaching staff has the ability to teach a variety of music. Whether you would like to learn classical guitar, country, blues or rock, we have a teacher for every genre. We are pro

What guitar size is best for your child.

I´ve had a few very small guitar students begin lessons with a full sized acoustic or electric guitar. One child who was 9 could barely see over the top of the guitar body when he sat down and he unfortunately struggled with the large guitar and never looked comfortable. Some of my students are as young as 4 years old as these young children absolutely need a smaller guitar. I had one student who had a full sized electric and couldn´t reach the end of the neck with his left hand. It was definitely a huge problem for him. Fortunately they make guitars of many different sizes. I loaned this student a 1/2 sized guitar and he is managing it very well. Guitar is a challenge, it takes work and can

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