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October 2020 Newsletter



Saturday, October 31

Indianapolis Music Academy OPEN

Veteran's Day

November 11th

Indianapolis Music Academy OPEN

Thanksgiving Break

November 22 - 28

Indianapolis Music Academy is CLOSED

IMA Piano Recital

Saturday, December 12th 1pm to 5pm

Winter Break

December 22 - January 1

Indianapolis Music Academy is CLOSED

October Lesson Special

Sign up before October 31 and save $75. Get free registration,

$25 off your first month and a free t-shirt and tote bag, a $75 total value.

Welcome all of our New September Students

Sofia, Hope, Caleb, Nathaniel, Andres, Hayden, Karol, Aarya, Arnav, Maddox, DeShawn, Matthew, Elias, Drew, Akshaj, Nevaeh, Robby, Michael, Joe, Eshan, Jonh,Teresa

Did you miss our last photo day?

Don’t worry, we will be doing another photo day early next year.

You will get a $25 gift card or $25 off your next month of lessons.

Your friend will get $25 off their first month of lessons, a free t-shirt and tote bag.

Call, email or come in!

Give us your friend’s name, number or email who is interested in lessons and we’ll do the rest.

Wieland, 30 months Emalee, 6 months Cameron, 15 months Lai, 3 months

WE congratulate all of these students for working hard on their respective instruments and for being part of the Musical Ladder system at Indianapolis Music Academy. Wieland is now Maestro level on guitar, Emalee is Songbird level on Guitar, Cameron is Allegro level on guitar and Lai is Apprentice level on Drums.

New Student Special - Sign up soon!!!!

Call or text before October 31

• Free registration

• 1 free lesson

• Indianapolis Music Academy T-Shirt and tote bag

$75 value

Call today while there are still prime spots available.


Indianapolis Music Academy Winter Recital. Saturday, December 12, 1pm to 5pm

It seems like we just had our summer recital and here we are planning for the winter recital already. Our recital will be at Garfield Christian Church at 1751 Walker Ave, Indianapolis, IN on Saturday, December from 1pm to 5pm.

October Lesson Special

Sign up before October 31 and save $75. Get free registration,

$25 off your first month and a free t-shirt and tote bag, a $75 total value.

Call 317-719-7020 or email

Some Great reasons to participate in music recitals.

Don’t forget to sign up with your teacher.

To work towards a goal – when a student starts to learn a new instrument or piece of music, a future performance gives them something to prepare for.

To share a talent and show off hard work – performing in front of others brings a student recognition of all the time they’ve spent working on a piece of music.

To build confidence – performing and applause from an audience gives a student a sense of pride and accomplishment for all those hours of hard work. It also allows a student to showcase new skills and growth and have a stronger belief of their capabilities.

To get to know peers and to feel part of a community – meeting and watching students perform, who are also taking lessons, builds a sense of community and allows the student to feel a part of something larger than just them self and results in increased interest in lessons.

To obtain performance experience – performing in a fun and friendly environment helps a student gain valuable experience that will also be beneficial in other areas of life.

To make memories – family involvement at a recital shows the student that their hard work is noticed and valued by others who care about them.

To overcome a fear – students may experience performance anxiety or stage fright. Experiencing these nerves and working through them makes a student realize it’s ok to have these feelings and it will get easier the more and more they perform.


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