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Welcome Casey Ruble, Drum and Preschool Music Instructor to Music Lessons of Indianapolis

Casey Ruble, Drum and Preschool Music Instructor - Casey teaches preschoolers 3-5 and drum students ages 5-12.

Casey’s first instrument was the piano, having studied at the Jordan School of Music at Butler University at the age of 14. After watching Karen Carpenter play drums and percussion on television, Casey gave up piano to pursue drum lessons but was told that “girls don’t play drums.” However, her dreams of playing drums never left her, and she finally pursued that dream later in life.

Today, Casey is an advocate for female drummers. She is co-founder of Women on the Edge, a group of female drummers from around the world known for their YouTube drum covers of songs in different genres. Casey is also a member of Indiana-based WomenDrum!, a group specializing in African drumming. A self-professed sound junkie, Casey loves to explore new sounds from anything and everything. She believes anything can be a percussion instrument.

She especially enjoys teaching beginners from ages 5-11. While this is her first year teaching drums, she has several years of experience teaching Pre-K to Middle School children as a volunteer and as a substitute teacher at a local school.

Casey currently plays drums and percussion in a worship group at a west side church. She has also played with local bands such as the Naptown Ramblers and Hank Haggard and the Nashville Swingers. In addition to drums and piano, Casey also plays the ukulele and guitar.

Call or write to book your drum lesson with Casey Ruble.

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