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March 2018 Newsletter - Indianapolis Music Academy

There's big news around here this week. Music Lessons of Indianapolis has changed it's name to The Indianapolis Music Academy, we are working on a master class about Latin American instruments for some local schools, we have a student of the month for March and more. Read about it in this issue.

Student of the Month

Julianna B.

What instruments do you play?


How long have you taken lessons?

3 months

Who are your favorite musical artists?

Brad Paisley

What are your other hobbies, besides music?

Girl Scouts, running track, painting

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons?

Ode to Joy

We appreciate Julianna for working hard on her guitar lessons, having great attendance and for the referrals she has given us. Her sister has signed up for drum lessons.

New students for March

Johan P, Rebecca B, Ellen B, Arliss S Grace S, Rod S, Saiswathi V, Steven M Ronald M, Emily V, Kevin M, Florencia G, Dave S, Zalian H, Nora S, Alex P, Ben J, Irving M, Kaleb M

Lessons are first come first serve. Schedule your lesson soon for best availability. Many of our teachers are almost fully booked.

Mike M, guitar. 2 spots left

Brandon B. 0 spots left

Lindsey H, cello, violin 2 spots left

Mark D, guitar, ukulele mandolin 0 spots left

Scott M, drums. 1 spot left

Ricky F. drums, 2 spots leftAlayna C., piano, brass, woodwinds 1 spot left

Macie F, Piano 2 spots left

Becky A. Piano 1 spot left

At Indianapolis Music Academy, we are not solely concerned with a child’s ability to play his/her chosen instrument. Obviously, we hope that ability does grow, but we want your child to gain much more than a musical knowledge. We are here to provide those undeniable life skills and abilities that will guide your child through an ever-changing society. Many scientific studies conclude that learning an instrument can build confidence, bolster brain power, boost social skills, cultivate patience and discipline, encourage creative self-expression, and improve memory. Private music lessons DO all of this and so much more.

Guitar Lessons Indianapolis IN

The easiest thing to do is nothing. Sometimes we think, “Oh, I’ll do it later. There’s no hurry. We’ve got plenty of time..." Alas, reality will prove that time is fleeting, no one can predict the events of tomorrow, and the time to act is NOW.

Refer a Friend & get a FREE lesson!

If you have a friend who might like to take lessons, if you refer them to the Academy and they take 1 month of lessons, we’ll give you a 1 FREE Lesson! Visit our website and fill out the refer a friend form.

Register for lessons before April 1, get free registration and 20% off your first month of lessons.

Mention this newsletter when registering to get your free registration and a discount for your first month of music lessons.

We are working on a master class

We are demonstrating and playing some Latin American instruments. We will visit some local schools this spring. We hope that we will visit your school. Talk to your music teacher about inviting us in to teach this educational class.

Music Lessons Indianapolis Indiana

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