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June Newsletter - Indianapolis Music Academy

The Best Businesses in Indy

Based on our online reviews, online presence and customer service, we were selected by as one of the best music schools in Indianapolis. We appreciate Three Best Rated and for listing us among the best music lesson providers in the city of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Music Academy

We're running a summer lesson special for $40 off (free registration($20 value) and $20 off your first month)) if you sign up before June 30. The Indianapolis Music Academy teaches guitar, piano, drums, voice, violin, cello, ukulele and bass each week at our location at 5703 S. East Street, Indianapolis. So take the NEXT STEP: Visit Or TEXT us / call us at 317-719-7020 Let's MAKE MUSIC this summer!

Don’t Give Up

I was often a bad guitar student. I remember completely ignoring my assignments for the week when I started lessons. I wouldn’t practice my music reading at all and completely forget how to do it by my next lesson. I would pick up my book a few hours before the lesson and be determined to practice for an hour before my lesson and 5 minutes later I’d give up. I'd show up for my lesson completely unprepared. I sat in my lesson wishing I was outside playing because it was a nice day. My lesson was only a half an hour, but I didn’t want to even sacrifice that half an hour sitting inside. I went weeks or sometimes months without practice but my parents continued to take me to lessons. They didn’t give up on me and I continued to learn and improve, although it was slow for a few years.

Later I found the key to becoming enthusiastic about guitar by finding music I loved. I matured to a certain extent. After becoming a teen I sat and practiced for hours. I developed a determination to play certain songs that I liked. My interests really began to broaden. I actually became interested in things like music theory, astronomy, mathematics and art. Eventually as a young adult I developed an interest in computer programming, web development and foreign language. I majored in programming in college and earned a degree in web development and design. I worked for several years as a graphic artist and web designer while teaching guitar part time at a music store. After teaching for 10 years I chose to go into music full time. I'm so glad that my parents didn't give up on me when I was 12.

Sign up, bring a friend to sign up and you and your friend will each get a $20 gift card.

We appreciate your referrals

Refer us to a friend and you and your friend will each receive a $20 gift card to Walmart or Amazon. You don't have to be a student to qualify. You need only to refer someone else to get your gift card. Current students may refer family members. New students must pay for 1 month of lessons to qualify for a gift card.

Student of the Month - Zalian H.

Piano Lessons Indianapolis Music Academy

Zailian is our student of the month. He had taken lessons before coming here, but he has been doing a great job since coming to Indianapolis Music Academy. We appreciate his hard work on the piano and his referrals. A couple of Zailan's cousins have begun lessons with us. Keep up the great work Zailan. Zailan is taking piano lessons, he is about to begin Faber & Faber Piano Adventures Book 3 and is currently working on Braham's Hungarian Dance.

Winner of the Summer Referral Contest

Ding R. won our summer referral contest. Ding referred 2 family members to us and won the $100 gift card. Thanks so much Ding for your referrals. We appreciate it!

New Students for May

Aloysius K, Larry W, Raymond, Freddy S, Samuel F, Ben F, Sebastian, Alden, Rick W, Breanna M, Joseph G, Christopher, Christina, Alexandra

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