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February 2020 Newsletter

We hope you are enjoying 2020 so far! ​​

2019 was a fantastic year here at Indianapolis Music Academy. We hope you are having a great new year. We thank all the students, families, friends, and staff for all the help and support in making this the best music program in Indianapolis. We have seen an unbelievable amount of progress in our students over the past year. Our latest recital took place last December and it was our biggest recital yet. It was great seeing so many students return to perform in their 3rd recital and seeing so many students perform for the first time. Our academy has grown so much during the last year. We went from 125 weekly students to 212 weekly students. We have also added 3 new lesson rooms and several new teachers. Our next recital will be on June 13. Please tell your teacher that you would like to participate so you can pick a song to play and begin to prepare.

Practice Tip of the Month!

PRACTICE TIME: How much time should you put into practicing? It does depend on level, age, and available time. 10 minutes every day is better than 1 hour once a week. You are better off if you have a consistent practice time every day. As a general guideline, beginners should practice 20 to 30 minutes a day and more advanced players should practice an hour every day.

Is your teacher fully booked?

Many teachers have sold out or only have 1 or 2 spots available. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact our office and they can add you to the waiting list. If you are not a student yet, there are still limited lesson spots available. Email for info.

Becky......2 spots Mike........FULL Paul........FULL Caleb......FULL Travis......FULL Flor..........FULL Melanie...FULL Robert.....1 spot Joshua....1 spot Lindsay...FULL Emily.......FULL Jon.....3 spots Scott.......1 spot Charles...FULL Amy........FULL Joseph....FULL Daniel.....1 Spot

Important Dates

Spring Break - Closed March 30 - April 5

Spring Recital Saturday, June 13

Referral Contest

If your friends sign up, we'll give you a free $25 Amazon gift card, we’ll give your friend $20 off their first month of lessons plus a free Indianapolis Music Academy t-shirt and tote bag. You BOTH will also be entered in the drawing for our Grand Prize! Tell your friends to check us out at It's that easy! There’s no maximum number of entries. The more you refer, the GREATER your chances of winning!

Make sure to ask your teacher about The Musical Ladder Reward System!

Our students, their parents, and our teachers all love the Musical Ladder System. “The Musical Ladder is a great way to motivate students to practice more. My students are practicing more than ever.- Teacher: Emily S.

Mike Middleton’s student Rebecca Wright received her 4 year Champion Award last week. Congratulations Rebecca!

The importance of music recitals.

Recitals provide a tangible goal to work towards. In having a set date and a pre-planned performance selection, your child learns how to manage their practice time and what it feels like to polish and perfect a piece.

Recitals provide an opportunity to feel successful. Learning the piano requires many, many hours of solo practice. Performing gives your child the recognition they deserve for their hard-work. Recitals provide an opportunity for you to show your child that you value their involvement in music. Setting aside time in your busy life to attend a recital supports your children and their peers and shows your child that your family values music.

Recitals provide a chance for your children (and you!) to reflect upon where they’ve “come from” when watching beginning students. Progress at the piano can sometimes feel slow, but watching younger students perform reminds your children of the gains they have made and motivates them to continue to progress.

Recitals provide a chance for your children (and you!) to see “where they’ll go” when watching more advanced students. There are few things more motivating to a piano student than watching their peers perform. They get to hear pieces that they will enjoy playing in the future, see more advanced technique first-hand and experience the pride that comes from becoming proficient at the piano.

Recitals provide a chance for your extended family to be involved in your child’s piano education. Athletes get all the glory… everyone comes to watch soccer games but no one really heads over to watch a piano practice session! Involving grandparents and aunties and uncles in the recital audience gives your child an opportunity to share their hard work with the ones they love.

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