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October Newsletter - Help Kids Deal With Pressure


Piano Lessons Indianapolis

We are planning our next piano recital for December 15, 2018. Our drum and guitar students will perform in January. As we prepare for these recitals I’m reminded that students can get really nervous, there are few meltdowns on stage and some last minute drop outs. I can certainly relate. I remember being in some terribly stressful situations in my life. I used to have a very difficult time playing in front of people. I had an even more difficult time speaking in front of people. I had to face all these apprehensions through performances and public speaking courses in school.

Fortunately I had music lessons as a child which helped me to deal with stressful situations. Music lessons did so much more for me than just to teach me to play an instrument. Among the many benefits of music lessons is the fact that lessons teach children to deal with pressure.

As adults, we know that pressure is a daily part of professional life. The ability to deal with pressure becomes more and more important as children progress through school and choose a career whether it be the pressure of taking an important exam, delivering a presentation in high school, college or work or going to a job interview.

Music students are in the unique position of having to confront pressure at an early age and having to confront it often. This early exposure to pressure gives music students a priceless advantage. When these kids face pressure as an adult, it will feel like a familiar sparring partner instead of impending doom.

Students at Indianapolis Music Academy face high-stress situations in countless recitals, concerts, and lessons. Music students learn how to use music lessons as a motivator, they learn how to practice, plan and prepare. They accept stress as a natural part of life and a component of many meaningful experiences.

Many skills are acquired while learning to overcome pressure and performance anxiety. These skills, such as controlling your breathing, framing situations positively, focusing on a job rather than the potential consequences and taking adequate time for maximum quality, are transferable to countless of situations in life.

It’s easy to delay starting lessons and to make a number of excuses. It’s easy to put it off. But time is fleeting, then another year has passed by without your child getting involved in music lessons. It’s easy to get started, call or write us today. 317-719-7020,,


Columbus Day

Monday October 12th

Indianapolis Music Academy OPEN

Student Photo Day

November 12th

4pm to 8pm

Veteran's Day

November 11th

Indianapolis Music Academy OPEN

Thanksgiving Break

November 20-26

Indianapolis Music Academy is CLOSED

IMA Piano Recital

December 15th, 6pm

Christmas Break

December 21 - January 1

Indianapolis Music Academy is CLOSED

IMA Classical Guitar & Rock Recital

January 12th, 2019, 6pm

Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled at our Academy Iast month!

Arian H., Robert R, Darsh S., Hosea V, Tha L, Joel S, Joshua, Liv T, London

Call or write before October 30 to get $20 off your first month of lessons and free registration.


Music Lessons Indianapolis

Pet of the Month - Tucker

Braydon L. has been a guitar student since 2016. Here he is with his dog Tucker. We appreciate Braydon being a great student for so long and look forward to his continual progress on the guitar.

We have some beautiful guitars in stock and are offering our new Indiana Dakota 39 guitars with 1 month of lessons for $149. We also have some deluxe Indiana Madison Elite Quilt Acoustic/Electric guitars for $40 more. Please contact us soon as the selection of guitars and lesson slots are going fast.

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