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Training children to cope with pressure

Adults typically understand that pressure is a daily part of professional life regardless of the career we choose. Music students are in the unusual position of having to confront pressure at an early age and having to confront it often. This early exposure to dealing with pressure gives music students a priceless advantage. Why? Because when these students confront pressure as an adult, it will feel like a familiar sparring partner rather than a portent of doom.

They face high-stress situations and defeat them in countless recitals, concerts, workshops and lessons. Music students learn to use pressure and stress as a motivator rather than letting it sabotage their best performances. They learn to accept it as a natural part of life and a component of many meaningful experiences.

Many skills are acquired while learning to overcome pressure and performance anxiety. These skills, such as controlling your breathing, framing situations positively, focusing on a job at hand rather than the potential consequences, and taking adequate time for maximum quality, are transferable to countless other situations in life.

At Music Lessons of Indianapolis, we are not solely concerned with a child’s ability to play his/her chosen instrument. Obviously, we hope that ability does grow, but we want your child to gain much more than a musical knowledge. We are here to provide those undeniable life skills and abilities that will guide your child through an ever-changing society.

Many scientific studies conclude that learning an instrument can build confidence, bolster brain power, boost social skills, cultivate patience and discipline, encourage creative self-expression, and improve memory. Private music lessons DO all of this and so much more.

When we teach a child how to play a musical instrument, we are equipping a child with the necessary tools to succeed at something. This is the greatest gift of music lessons.

Music Lessons of Indianapolis

  • Fun friendly and professional staff with years of experience.

  • Recitals that showcase their skills.

  • Convenient schedule and appointment times

5703 S. East St., Indianapolis, Indiana


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