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August Newsletter


Back to school time is one of the biggest times for new students to sign up for music lessons. Many students have already gone back to school, some will be returning within the next week or two. It’s time to sign up for back to school lessons. Reserve your spot for the upcoming school year. Don’t wait another week. The options for scheduling lessons will become fewer and fewer with each day. Call or text us at 317-719-7020!

Piano Lessons in Indianapolis

Teachers with waiting lists or near full schedules

Caleb H, Guitar: 0 spots available Mike M, Guitar: 0 spots available Emily S, Piano, Voice: 0 spots available Brianna B. Piano: 1 spot available Ricky F, Drums: 1 spots available Lindsay H: Piano, Violin. 1 spot available Jim P: Guitar, 2 spots available Scott M: Drums, 2 spots available


Labor Day Weekend Indianapolis Music Academy CLOSED

Columbus Day Monday October 12th Indianapolis Music Academy OPEN

Veteran's Day November 11th Indianapolis Music Academy OPEN

Thanksgiving Break November 21-26 Indianapolis Music Academy is CLOSED

IMA Recital December 15th, 6pm

Christmas Break December 21 - January 1 Indianapolis Music Academy is CLOSED

Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled at our Academy Iast month!

Lindsey, Larissa, Vanpek, Hmun, JamesT, Mary C, Pengsan T, Hnin H, David, Brody, Jabez, Sean L, Samuel L, Solomon, Chad M, Van T, Hnin T, Tamara Z, August M, Anthony M,Bawi S, Biak H, Zoe, Krista E, Charleigh E, Annalee E, Isaac D, Jackson, Brody, Lal M, Eli S, Jeanetta M, Rhonda M, Brady, Barret, Lal B, Luke, Bawi, Daniel, Steven

Guitar Lessons Indianapolis

Don't Give Up! Often times we quit playing an instrument or quit lessons because we are not practicing enough. Even if you get 10 minutes in a day of practice time that is enough to see good improvement. After we practice we tend to be happier as well. Keep playing, keep practicing, and keep going on your musical journey!

Refer A Friend And SAVE!

Do you have a friend or family member who might enjoy lessons? When you refer them to Indianapolis Music Academy and they enroll for 1 month of lessons, we’ll give you $20.00 and your friend $20 as our way of saying THANK YOU! It’s very easy to refer someone. Just call us at (317) 719-7020

There’s no maximum to the number of referrals or savings you can receive!

Student of the Month - Joseph D.

We appreciate all the referrals that Joseph has given us during the last few months.

Guitar Lessons Greenwood, Indiana

Thanks so much Joseph!

-What Instruments do you play?

Electric lead guitar

-How long have you been taking lessons? I’ve been taking lessons for 4 months. -Who are your favorite musical artists?

Chris Tomlin -What are your other hobbies, besides music? Computer technologies, music editing and other stuff.

What is the coolest thing you've learned in your lessons in the past 3 months?

New skills on lead guitar using pentatonic major and minor scales.

Did you miss your lesson?


Good News! Thanks to many of your awesome referrals our enrollment continues to grow! For those of you that have Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday lessons, you've no doubt noticed that the waiting area is as busy as ever with parents and siblings.

This also means we need to manage scheduling more closely in order to avoid double booking new incoming students with ones that have asked their teacher for a reschedule. To avoid miscommunication and double-bookings we launched our new free Group Make-up program!

Here's how it works.

Simply sign-up for one of our group makeup lessons at the front desk. Check the list for available dates and times. A reservation is required and must be made a week in advance. Group make-ups are 1 hour long. Students will have an opportunity to intereact with other students both socially and musically, there will be a hand out from your teacher, special songs will be taught and students may have an opportunity to perform for other students. This will is a great opportunity for students to gain confidence which will help them perform in recitals. By following this new program you will be helping a great deal as we continue to grow!

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