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September Newsletter


Student Photo Day November 12th 4pm to 8pm

Thanksgiving Break November 21-26, Indianapolis Music Academy is CLOSED

Christmas Break December 21 - January 1, Indianapolis Music Academy is CLOSED

Refer A Friend And SAVE!

Do you have a friend or family member who might enjoy lessons? When you refer them to Indianapolis Music Academy and they enroll for 1 month of lessons, we’ll give you $20.00 and your friend $20 as our way of saying THANK YOU! It’s very easy to refer someone. Just call us at (317) 719-7020 There’s no maximum to the number of referrals or savings you can receive!


Weiland has been doing a super job since he started at Indianapolis Music Academy.

Music Lessons Indianapolis

He always comes prepared with his guitar, book and ready to play the songs he has practiced all week. I appreciate Weiland’s mom recommending IMA to her friends on Facebook and for her 5 star review.

-What Instruments do you play?


-How long have you been taking lessons?

Since March of this year, 2018

-Who are your favorite musical artists?

Blink 182 and the band that does Smoke on the Water.

-What are your other hobbies, besides music?

Swimming, flag football and soccer.

What is the coolest thing you've learned in your lessons in the past 3 months?

I learned how to play Rock Show by Blink 182


Our drum student Felicty and guitar student Juliana who are sisters brought in there adorable doggie Gerty last week. Gerty had a nice visit at the Indianapolis Music Academy. Here is Gerty pictured with Juliana, Felicty and their two younger sisters.

Drum Lessons Indianapolis

PHOTO DAY was a success. We just had a photo day practice run with some of our Monday music students last Monday. We appreciate our students and parents who participated. We took some great pictures which you can see on this flyer. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can come to our next photo day. This photo day is free. We hope to see you there. Our next photo day will be on Monday, November 12. If you’d like to participate please sign up at the front desk or call us at 317-719-7020 and we’ll get you scheduled. We will be taking photos from 4pm to 8pm. You’ll get a few reminders between now and then so no rush to sign up.

Piano Lessons Indianapolis IN

Teachers with waiting lists or near full schedules

Caleb H, Guitar: 1 spot available

Mike M, Guitar, Ukulele: 3 spots available Emily S, Piano, Voice, Ukulele: 2 spots available

Becky W. Piano: 3 spots available

Brianna B. Piano: 2 spots available

Ricky F, Drums: 1 spots available

Lindsay H: Piano, Violin, Cello. 0 spots available

Jim P: Guitar, 2 spots available

Scott M: Drums, 2 spots available

Brandon B, Guitar: 2 spots available

Darrin J, Piano: 4 spots available

Travis P: Piano, 1 spot available.

Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled at our Academy Iast month!

Isaac D., Jackson, Brody, Lal M., Jeanetta, Grayson, Conner, Angela, Mackenzi, Rinna B., Vanessa V, Josh, Luke, JeRay O, Peyton L, Max L, Asmi M, George, Ziva, Gerson, Lal N, Puia, Biak, Peter, Alexis, Zachary, Emerald, Sriram, Sungting, Sangpaul, Mary S, Srihitha K, Conner Lang, Lai C.

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