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Guitar Lessons Indianapolis

Time: 6pm

Date: December 15, 2018

Location: Garfield Christian Church, 1751 Walker Ave., Indianapolis, IN

We will have our first winter recital soon. It’s a celebration of the students and their hard work. It’s an opportunity for students to share the gift of music with all of us. Music is a language of its own that unites all of us in a very special way.

What these students are learning goes far beyond music. They’re learning about life and life’s skills, they’re learning how to set goals, they’re learning commitment, discipline and practice. They are gaining cognitive and fine motor skill development. These are all the building blocks to success.

The students learn how to overcome obstacles, frustrations, challenges and set backs while they are learning a new music piece. As we all know success is not a straight line to the top. It has many hills and valleys.

The students learn that with the help and support from their parents, guardians and teachers they can achieve more than they thought possible. Through courage they face fears and develop self confidence. This will be explemplified by them playing in front of all of you in our December recital.

We are a newer academy. We’ve only been here for 1 year. The majority of our students have only a few months to 1 year of playing experience. Nearly all of these students will be playing in front of an audience for the first time and that takes a ton of courage.

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